Sunday, November 16, 2008

More pictures

Here are some more pics. Top left is cousins (Hanna,me,Holly). My grandpa and grandma Hanna who I love dearly. It was my grandpa's 87th birthday party. He hasn't been feeling to well lately which makes me sad but makes me appreciate all the fun times we have together. He's a strong man with such a loving heart to everyone. The next pics are of jimmy and I in Vancouver and our beautiful drive to Whistler. Wish we could of snow boarded but, no snow for one and two I'm to preago do go down a mountain! It's nice being pregnant because you get such special treatment. I better not milk it to much from jimmy or he might stop. He's such a great husband I luv him!

Fun Pictures!

Here is a bunch of pictures just recently taken. Some from Halloween, vancouver trip with jimmy and then the rest of the time with girls at work. We thought we would take some modeling pictures of us in this really cool place on our way to class. And also some belly shots of me at 19 weeks. Half way their!!! One of the pics is of my bro. Brett and his little girl. I made his costume. She was a cat and he was her dog for the night with a leash. I thought they looked adorable. Enjoy the pics.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Let It Out!

Well today was one of the biggest days in history and one of many changes to come. I have never been so into an election than this. I really don't like to talk politics at all with other people but so many things in this campaign were so disturbing. Wondering who Barack is and where did he come from and his political views. It's great to want to change the world but some things we must be realistic about. I wish for peace among nations, better health care, help the economic situation, give more people jobs, protect the family, and stop abortion. So many things to change in this world. Of course this isn't happening over night or in a year. And some of you may not even be for any of this. But these are some of the things I support and believe in. In life we may not win all the races we want to win but it doesn't mean we have to stop believing what we believe in and stand for. I hope Barack leading this county as Pres. of the United States makes better decisions for this country. I may have not been a supporter of him but I do hope that he makes choice decisions. We have such a rough road ahead of us, but hopefully we can go forth with a positive attitude. I hope with faith that things will better for all of us. Sorry if I offended anyone just something I wanted to let out!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Well we finally found out what our Sweet Baby Is!

Well our sweet little baby is our little BOY! Jimmy is so excited that he will have a little one to go hunting with! Im just so excited for him to come. He looks healthy and strong. And my due date changed to April 5th,2009. Im 17 weeks. Well just thought we would let everyone know the good news!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Our first anniversery!

Yep we had our first anniversary! We were going to go to this really nice restaurant in Scottsdale but we changed our minds and eat at PF Changs. That was our first date we went on together. So here are some pics of that day. Jimmy made me take a preago pic. which I don't think is very cute. And then he gave the most beautiful bouquet of flowers that he had hand picked out and made for me. I always love flowers and especially bright colorful ones. So for our first anniversary trip this year were going to Vancouver, Canada! We thought we would get a good trip in before the baby comes. Nothing else new just waiting to find out what baby bloomer is!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

For My Sister.

This is for you Paige. She has been telling me that I need to update my blog, because it has old news on it. The thing is that nothing new has really happened. Well except for my belly growing in size at a slow rate which I'm happy about. I get to find out what the sex of the baby is next week so I'll have to post if it's a girl or boy. I hope for a girl but either way I really don't care as long as the baby is healthy. Here is a fun question to throw out their. Does anyone have any cute girl names or boy names? I'm having a hard time comming up with different names but not to weird. If that makes sense. Feel free to leave some cute names on my blog. Hopefully this was good enough Paige! HA HA

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Well this will be my first time with having jimmy gone for so long... He's going to be gone for a week!I know sounds pathetic . But we really haven't been apart from each other since we have been married. It's just fun to hangout with your best friend. Anyways, I think while he's gone I'm going to do some major spring cleaning. Sounds like so much fun but, I can't stand having a messy house like it's been for the past couple of months. I don't know what it is about being preago. for the first months but I don't feel like doing any cleaning at all! Usually I'm on top of it. But between not feeling good sometimes, working, and try to be spiritually feed it's so hard to do the small and simple things. I'm trying be more organized before the baby is born. I figure once he or she is here life is a little more crazy. A great crazy! So I'm trying to get everything done. This is my list before the baby comes in April.

1. Get the inside of the house painted.
2. Get the baby room cleaned out and organized.
3. Get the backyard landscaped w/grass instead of rocks and weeds!
4. Get the garage organized instead of looking like the mesa city dump!
5. Most of all get more spiritually feed.

So much to do. But it will get done! This may be a lame post but it's just how I was feeling today. I have a million things going on in my head and it's just trying to sort them all out. One thing off topic. I got released as the V.10 class. It really broke my heart when they told me. At first when I had the calling I didn't have the best attitude. But as the weeks went by I really loved teaching the kids. I learned the reason why I had that calling. Teaching them helped me grow spiritually in ways that I thought I wouldn't. I learned so much from them to be patience, loving, listen to our Heavenly Father's children, and all the book of mormon stories. To all the mom's of the kids in my class. You have done such an amazing job raising such sweet spirits. I loved teaching them, but now it's off to another calling. Life is full of learning new things and pushing yourself to go out of your box and doing more...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm Tagged

I am. . . funny.

I think. . .way too much sometimes.

I know. . . I can do anything I put my mind to.

I want. . . to go to Italy.

I have. . . a mini mall for a closet.

I wish. . . my whole house was decorated.

I hate. . . horrible smells.

I miss. . . my best friend mandy.

I fear. . . jimmy or someone in my family dying.

I feel. . . morning sickeness all day.

I hear. . . Jimmy get up every morning at 4 or 5 A.M.

I smell. . . everything and get sick.

I search. . . for baby names at the current moment.

I wonder. . . where will we be in 5 to 10 years.

I regret . . .not going to europe with my sister Brooke.

I love. . . Jimmy, Sunny Days, Laughter, Shopping, Being with my whole family.

I care. . . about everyone.

I always. . . stay up way to late watching lame tv shows.

I am not. . . a home body.

I believe. . . in eternal families.

I dance. . . when I clean Only sometimes, but I can't dance.

I sing. . . in the shower, on my way to work, and to jimmy.

I don't always. . . make dinner.

I write. . . letters to friends and poetry.

I win. . . arguments with jimmy most of the time.

I lose. . . my patience when jimmy ignores me and the house is a mess.

I never. . . will jump out of a plan even if someone payed me a million dollars.

I listen. . . to music all the time and Love it.

I can usually be found. . . on the couch watching tv or on the computer.

I read. . . not very much but I do get in a good magazine! HA.

I am happy about. . . being with jimmy and getting ready for this sweet little bundle of joy to come.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well Jimmy and I are finally prego! It took awhile to decide when we wanted to have kids. I am working full time and so is jimmy. Jimmy says that I was always baby hungry even when we first got married. But I waited for almost a year of being married. We are so excited for this little one to come! I hope for a girl and he wants a boy of course. The story behind me finding out I was pregnant was this... We stated trying in July of this year and after a couple of weeks I felt really dizzy and light headed. My mom said oh your probably dehydrated. I get the idea maybe I'm pregnant? So I went to go by a test at target on my lunch break and take it and it was negative! But what I didn't think about is that I took the test way to early. The dork that i can be sometimes.. So a couple of weeks later I went with jimmy sis. to buy one of the five day early tests. So it was exactly 5 days before I was supposed to start. Jimmy had left to work and ency me! I took the test sat on the toilet lid tapping my nails on the counter waiting for the results! I looked at it and it read pregnant of course. I about fell off the toilet lid out in schock! I couldn't stop shaking. I called my mom in a frantic and said you wouldn't believe what I just did! She was so nervous and said WHAT? I took a test and I'm pregnant! She told me to calm down make a doctors appt. to make sure that it was positive. Next person to call was my husband. He thought I was joking when I told him and then finally he believed me. I had teased him so much before that he had a hard time believing me. Needless to say we are very happy for this baby to come. Weather it's a boy or girl we just hope it's healthy and strong. Just wanted to share some good news to friends and family!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jimmy teaching me how to shoot & the death of the Wasp Killer!

Jimmy was trying to teach me how to shoot with his 22. I get a little nervious around guns but after the first couple of shots I loved it. While jimmy was shooting I said to him, jimmy look over at that pretty butterfly. Just as he looked over to see it to the second you see this wasp killer fly right on top of it and killed it. It was like this evil thing had killed something so pretty. So what did jimmy do... He killed the wasp with his 22. The funniest thing I had ever seen him do!

Our First Camping Trip

This was Jimmy and I first camping trip together. It's the first because one time we tried to go but I chickend out when we got up their. I hate the dark especially in the woods where I can't see anything at all. We got up in pine around ten p.m. and jimmy started putting up the tent while I sat in the car. He made fun of me the whole time and called a baby. The slightest noise I heard I would nudge jimmy and say what the heck was that? You could say I have Perinoia! While we were in the tent going to bed I heard this buzzing noise by my ear. He said it was comming from the outside and said I think something is in here! He turned on the flashlight and sure enough their was a moth about 2 or 3 inches long that he caught. I was so grossed out for the rest of the night. We had lots of good laughs on this camping trip!

Friday, July 25, 2008

My Brother

My Model

This is one of my favorite pics of my husband jimmy. Yes, this was a wedding picture taken around the temple. But I had to post cause I think he is so darn cute! He would kill me if he knew I posted his picture on here.

The Game I Love

Jimmy and I went to the D Backs game the other night when they played the Cubs and got SPANKED so bad! I'm trying to get jimmy to like baseball since I come from a baseball family. He says he would rather play the game then watch it. So that's why I posted a picture of him playing men's softball. To show that he too, can be a professional baseball (softball) player.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Movie Day

Does anyone remember the books American Girls? Well my nise sandy loves them and the movie Kit Kittredge came out. We went to go see it today and I have to say that I loved the movie and it's a must see. It's about the depression what people went through and how so many people lost their homes. The sad thing is that people now are loosing their homes. I wish their was something we could do to help everyone out. Well on a birghter note go see the movie and let me know what ya think! It's a kids movie but I think it's for everyone especially your grandparent's!

Family Friends

These are some really great friends of mine. The Edwards and The Rodela Family. Kim it would be fun for you to come down and visit us in Arizona. You could get a really nice tan and go shopping with me!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hair Show

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My Metro Husband For A Day

Jimmy is not the metro type of guy at all. That's why this picture of so funny to me. A little fro-hawk with my sunglasses did the trick. I just get a laugh when he lets me do this to him wich is not often at all. Great sport babe!