Sunday, November 16, 2008

More pictures

Here are some more pics. Top left is cousins (Hanna,me,Holly). My grandpa and grandma Hanna who I love dearly. It was my grandpa's 87th birthday party. He hasn't been feeling to well lately which makes me sad but makes me appreciate all the fun times we have together. He's a strong man with such a loving heart to everyone. The next pics are of jimmy and I in Vancouver and our beautiful drive to Whistler. Wish we could of snow boarded but, no snow for one and two I'm to preago do go down a mountain! It's nice being pregnant because you get such special treatment. I better not milk it to much from jimmy or he might stop. He's such a great husband I luv him!

Fun Pictures!

Here is a bunch of pictures just recently taken. Some from Halloween, vancouver trip with jimmy and then the rest of the time with girls at work. We thought we would take some modeling pictures of us in this really cool place on our way to class. And also some belly shots of me at 19 weeks. Half way their!!! One of the pics is of my bro. Brett and his little girl. I made his costume. She was a cat and he was her dog for the night with a leash. I thought they looked adorable. Enjoy the pics.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Let It Out!

Well today was one of the biggest days in history and one of many changes to come. I have never been so into an election than this. I really don't like to talk politics at all with other people but so many things in this campaign were so disturbing. Wondering who Barack is and where did he come from and his political views. It's great to want to change the world but some things we must be realistic about. I wish for peace among nations, better health care, help the economic situation, give more people jobs, protect the family, and stop abortion. So many things to change in this world. Of course this isn't happening over night or in a year. And some of you may not even be for any of this. But these are some of the things I support and believe in. In life we may not win all the races we want to win but it doesn't mean we have to stop believing what we believe in and stand for. I hope Barack leading this county as Pres. of the United States makes better decisions for this country. I may have not been a supporter of him but I do hope that he makes choice decisions. We have such a rough road ahead of us, but hopefully we can go forth with a positive attitude. I hope with faith that things will better for all of us. Sorry if I offended anyone just something I wanted to let out!