Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Hubby's First Fathers Day!

This is a little late but I wanted to pay a tribute to my husband Jimmy. He is a wonderful dad to our sweet baby Davis. It's amazing how much a baby can change our lives over a course of a couple of months. Let me tell you a few things about Jimmy. He is such a hard worker and won't stop till the job is done. He always kisses me good bye in the morning when he goes to work. Never has he missed a day of doing that. Unless I was mad at him.HA HA! He is very talented guy. He's a great cook! He is a much better dresser now! No more high water pants and worn down tennis shoes!Very smart and handsome. He is a very loyal friend. Sometimes cleans for me before I get home from work! So many reason's why I love him. I think he is a great dad to our baby. I couldn't ask for better. Well it would be nice if he could nurse him all day and night, but I think I'm asking for the impossible! HA! Well to all the fathers our their... HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

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Black Rose said...

Hello, I went through here and just loved the photos of your family the are really nice and funny especially the second photo, you have your beautiful child wide-eyed and dad sleeping hahah should be contrary, you have a beautiful family, a lot of luck and everything good.